Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee works with the UACDL Executive Director to comment on and propose legislation that adversely affects the underprivileged, discriminates against groups, or implicate constitutionally protected rights.  No professional or personal interests may influence committee members' efforts or decision making. Nor may committee members instruct, or encourage the membership to endorse specific candidates or to contribute to political campaigns.  Committee members must meet throughout the year to monitor proposed legislation and to plan for the annual legislative session.   Also, the committee coordinates with other sympathetic groups as well as the UACDL members who serve on rule-making committees to monitor changes in the law and court procedures.  During the annual seven-week legislative session, the committee meets weekly to monitor legislation and to arrange for the Executive Director or committee members to attend legislative committee meetings and to speak on behalf of the UACDL.  The committee also educates on criminal-law related changes in the law at CLE events and in the spring issue of "The Defender" newsletter.

Steve Burton, Chair

Adam Alba

Bernie Allen

Patrick Anderson

Sentencing Commission Member

Brian Arnold

Kelly Ann Booth

Robert Breeze

Kris Cantil

David Christensen

Aric Cramer

Abby Dizon-Maughan

Sean Druyon

Kelly Fowler

Brian Frees

Peter Goodall

Jon Grimes

Danielle Hawkes

Sean Hullinger

David Johnson

Robert Latham

Marina Lowe

Benji McMurray

Sentencing Commission Member

Mark Moffat

Sentencing Commission and Commission on
Criminal and Juvenile Justice Member

Jason Richards

Jason Schatz

Cara Tangaro

Pam Vickrey

Brenda Viera

Tyler Williams

Phil Wormdahl