UACDL Listserv Policies

Welcome to the UACDL Listserv. This service is a group email of UACDL attorney members where users can share ideas, swap motions and briefs, post novel legal questions, exchange information on judges, prosecutors, and experts, and inform members about matters of general interest to criminal defense lawyers. UACDL attorney members are automatically added to the UACDL Listserv when they join.

The Listserv is a powerful tool for members but is also subject to abuse on occasion. Messages that are not related to criminal defense tend to create unneeded and unwanted email traffic and add to users’ already busy workloads.

Important Note on the size of messages and moderating the Listserv: The Listserv has a built in size restriction of 40 KB to prevent malware from being sent to list members. Thus, once a message has been replied to several times, the accumulated size of the post may quickly exceed the 40 KB limit. Keep in mind that the size limit includes any disclaimers or other standard images that are included in the email such as firm logos or signature lines.

When a message exceeds the 40 KB size level, either the UACDL President, Past President, President-elect or Executive Director must manually approve the message. Although the approval process takes just a few seconds, these moderators must be aware that a message has been held up. Because these persons have regular day jobs, they may not have access to the Listserv for several hours.

Further, although messages are “moderated” and held up for “moderator approval” please do not be misled by these terms. No one checks the messages for content. Rather, once the 40 KB size restriction is reached, messages are automatically held up by the Listserv. When that happens, one of the moderators listed above simply must click a button and send the message on its way. Moderators do not read the content of messages before approving them. No censoring of any kind takes place. Rather, in the rare event that a message violates the Listserv rules below, the UACDL Board of Directors may take action against a user after the fact.

I. Rules of Listserv Usage

To ensure that use of the Listserv remains a helpful resource, the following policies, protocols, disclaimer, and tips for usage apply:

II. Rules to Reduce Listserv Traffic

III. Prohibited Uses of the Listserv

IV. Policing the Listserv

V. Disclaimer Regarding Confidentiality

VI. UACDL Listserv Discipline Procedures

The following procedures for addressing violations of the UACDL Listserv policies are detailed below to ensure notice to users, evenhanded and fair application of the policies, and to give users an opportunity to be heard and to address the fairness of disciplinary measures.

VII. Tips For Managing Listserv Traffic

To ensure that the Listserv remains a valuable resource, please be respectful of other users and do not send unwanted or unnecessary messages to all users. Time is a scarce commodity, and so please respect others who do not wish to read extra messages that do not pertain to them. Users who want to manage Listserv traffic have numerous options at their disposal”