Amicus Briefs

UACDL takes an active role in filing amicus briefs in both Utah and federal appellate courts on issues related to criminal defendants and Utah’s criminal legal system. We encourages appellate attorneys to reach out to us when dealing with a significant issue that may have broad impact in Utah.

Below are copies of amicus filings UACDL has made in recent years as both principal and co-author.

Khorrami v. Arizona – the federal constitutional right to a 12 person jury

State v. Barnett – a judge’s discretion to release someone with two pending felonies

State v. Rippey – the fallacies of the plea withdrawal statute

Planned Parenthood v. State – the significant negative consequences of punishing doctors for decisions about whether to authorize an abortion

Carrell v. State – the inappropriateness of applying the relation-back doctrine to amended petitions in post conviction cases